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USITC to proceed with anti-dumping measures against Chinese solar

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Welcome to the Thursday Innovation Trail Mix.

From the team today: 

Kodak's new app for those die hard fans of film stock, but Kodak retirees are trying to make sense of the retirement fund decision on Monday. (Democrat and Chronicle.)

Does climate change REALLY result in more storms?

How the innovation economy is in a slow dance with the defense sector.

Cornell is holding a meeting today about one of governor Cuomo's pet topics; yogurt.


Tim Wilber looks at what effect the presidential election result will have on the fracking debate in New York. (Shale Gas Review). And here's another take on Obama and the energy sector from Forbes writer, Christopher Helman.

All six commissioner at the U.S. International Trade Commission have voted to proceed with anti-dumping measures (outlined in a previous report) against Chinese producers accused of importing Photovoltaic cells into the US at less than fair value.