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Happy World Toilet Day

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Good Morning and welcome to the Innovation Trail Mix.

As you answer the call of nature today, spare a thought for the 1.1 billion people out there who don't have access to sanitation because it's World Toilet Day. You may recall that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation committed a large amount of money to this cause back in April.


Tom Wilber reminds us that the while the November 29th deadline is looming for the filing of the revised fracking regulations, the Cuomo administration has a card up its sleeve. It can file papers - this week or next week - that would give it a 90-day extension to file while the health impact assessment is concluded.

Credit http://law.onecle.com/new-york/state-administrative-procedure-act/SAP0202_202.html

This would take the deadline to March 1st, 2013 and would be (presumably) preferable to letting the proposed rules expire and trigger a new round of public hearings. (Shale Gas Review)

The Business Review considers some of the companies whose technology products put them in a good position if/when fracking proceeds.


Keep an eye out for the full episode of New York Now, where Matt Ryan looks at the challenges facing the devastated Rockaways region on Long Island. Here's a preview.


And as we've reported, many upstate cities and companies have contributed to the rebuilding efforts. (Democrat and Chronicle)


Schenectady-based GE installs its 20,000 wind turbine, as the production tax credit regime for the wind energy industry is set to expire. (equities.com) 

There's a glut of solar panels internationally. (energyboom.com)


Kodak extends its relationship with pharmacy chain, CVS. (dailyfinance.com)

Check out these disastrous startup pitches. (SFGate)