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Gas and oil sector impatient with slow pace of fracking review


Gas drilling companies in New York state say they’re exhausted by a more than four year long review process on whether to allow hydrofracking that they say they now fear will drag on into 2013.

The head of the Independent Oil and Gas Association (IOGA) has written a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo, expressing dismay at the latest step in fracking review process. The administration  has appointed three outside experts  to review health data on possible impacts of fracking before the environmental review process can be finished.

In the letter, the drillers who have ben cooperating with the review, say their “trust in government is exhausted.”

IOGA President Brad Gill writes in the letter that “the unnecessary delay in concluding this rulemaking process is a serious problem for the upstate economy”.

“The upstate economy is dying,” says IOGA spokesman Jim Smith. “This is on the of things that can save New York.”

The drillers say they wonder what their future is in New York, and ask Cuomo for an encouraging signal.

Environmental groups support the idea of a health review, though they say they wish they were given more details.

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