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Gov. Andrew Cuomo has set out an ambitious agenda for energy in New York state and he needs to.Extreme weather events such as Superstorm Sandy have exposed the fragility of the state’s aging energy grid, new EPA regulations on greenhouse gases are driving fast-track conversions of former coal-fired plants, over 40 percent of New York’s power stations are more than four decades old and the Governor is caught in a major political vice over fracking.Cuomo’s 2013-14 budget proposal also outlines some major investments in the renewable energy sector.The Innovation Trail has focused its reporting on the state's energy planning and investment.

Energy security and investment reporting series recap

Solar Liberty

Part two from WXXI's 1370 Connection program recapping the Innovation Trail reporting series on energy security and investment.

Our series on energy security and investment concluded over the weekend. On Friday's 1370 Connection program on WXXI, we recapped the issues addressed in the series with reporters and guests. 

The program was presented by Bob Smith and Innovation Trail editor Matthew Leonard.

Late last year, the Cuomo administration laid out its agenda for New York’s future energy requirements. The plan needs to address a range of issues including energy security, pricing, the state’s aging power stations and the role of renewables. Our series looked at various aspects of the plan and sought out comment.

Hour One:

Matt Richmond explains some details of the Cuomo administration's Energy Highway Blueprint.

Paul Steidler of the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance comments.

Integral to the state’s Energy Highway Blueprint is a $1 billion ‘Green Bank’, a fund to support the ongoing development of renewable energy technologies. It’s only the second fund of this kind in the country and Ryan Delaney has the details.

Ed Bogucz, the director of the Syracuse Center of Excellence talks about the potential impact of the 'Green Bank' on the uptake of those technologies.

In the next report Kate O’Connell visits one power plant caught in a changing energy landscape. New York’s home to some of the oldest power facilities in the U.S. 

Mayor of Dunkirk Anthony Dolce follows up.

Hour Two:

A new 2.2 billion transmission project will deliver 1,000 megawatts of electricity to New York City, and in this report, Sarah Harris travels north of the US border and begins her report where that power begins…

Followed by New York Senator Ted O'Brien (D, WF) who is concerned about the potential cost of replacing the Indian Point nuclear plant and whether upstate constituents would bear the brunt.

In mid-2012, the NY-Sun initiative was launched to make solar power in the state more affordable. Ashley Hassett takes stock of the scheme. 

And Richard Caperton, Managing Director for Energy Center for American Progress makes concluding remarks and talks further about the role of renewables and smart grid technology.

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