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Fracktivists say they won't let up until Cuomo decides

Karen DeWitt/WXXI

Opponents of hydro-fracking say they want Governor Cuomo to declare a three to five year moratorium on fracking in New York. The gas drilling process has been on hold for several years.

A coalition of groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, say Cuomo should immediately issue an executive order postponing any gas drilling in New York for the next three to five years. NRDC’s Kate Sinding says that’s preferable to trying to get a bill passed through a divided state legislature, where the Senate will be controlled by the Republicans in January.

“The legislative process is messy and unpredictable,” said Sinding. “We would prefer to have him take that action and, frankly, own it.”

Fracking is already on hold in New York, as Cuomo says he awaits the results of more than two year health review that could be completed by the end of the year.  In the meantime, the groups say they plan to hold a large protest at the governor’s State of the State speech, and buy billboard space near the State Capitol.