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WATCH: Clean Power Plan makes 'economic sense' for low income and minority communities says EPA


Watch as EPA Regional Administrator, Judith Enck, sits down with Innovation Trail to discuss the Clean Power Plan. Enck talks about:

  • How is New York state positioned to address emission reduction?
  • Will the Plan result in additional costs for consumers?
  • Will the Plan reduce grid reliability?
  • What will the role of renewables be in the new energy mix?
  • What should communities  close to coal-fired power plants do?

(Full video after the jump.)  

Sasha-Ann Simons joined the team at WXXI News as a Multimedia Reporter/Producer. She most often tells stories about the innovation economy and technology in upstate New York as part of a journalism collaborative, and is a fill-in host and regular contributor to WXXI-TV's weekly news magazine program, Need To Know.
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