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Research giants study teaming up to fight cancer

Image of old fashioned medicine bottles.
Michael Flick
Creative Commons license
Wilmot Cancer Center and Roswell Park are looking to update their approach to cancer research funding.

News broke last week that two research giants are considering teaming up to fight cancer together.  Or at least to fight for grants together.

The University of Rochester Medical Center's Wilmot Cancer Center and Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo are both major grant recipients of federal research dollars, but that pool of cash isn't as deep as it used to be.  A partnership could make their funding applications even more compelling.  But when two giant institutions team up there's potential for a culture clash.  

WNED's Daniel Robison reported the story initially, and appeared on WXXI's "Health Friday" to discuss why the two institutions have decided to date (or study partnering) before getting married.  The courtship could last up to a year before the two officially tie the knot - or break it off.