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Track your holiday travel with NewsHour's #TSATime

PBS NewsHour is once again collecting details about holiday travel delays, to track the worst security lines and provide travelers with a preview of what they're in for when they get to the airport.

Here's how it works:

  1. Tweet the conditions at the security line (like how long it took you to get through) at your airport. Include the hashtag #TSATime and your airport's three letter code (like ROC for Rochester, BUF for Buffalo, SYR for Syracuse, ALB for Albany, BGM for Binghamton, and ELM for Elmira/Corning).   
  2. Be specific about the delays - include anecdotes, observations, and pictures, if you can take them. The TSA has strict rules about photos.  More details and examples are available at NewsHour.
  3. If you're transferring at an airport where you'll have to go through security again, use the widget below to determine how the delays are looking. No upstate airports are included, but if you're transferring at Chicago's O'Hare or New York's JFK, you'll be able to get the details as soon as you land. Safe travels!


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