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Top 10: The flood

Matt Ryan
Flooding wrecked havoc in Troy, N.Y., and across the Hudson Valley and Southern Tier this year.

Some families lost everything this year.

As Tropical Storms Lee and Irene swept through, the river waters rose, washing out communities large and small.

The numbers help tell some of the story of the devastation: last week FEMA announced that it had paid out $150 million in storm assistance, to more than 60,000 people who registered for aid.   Nearly 140,000 acres of farmland were destroyed.

But the rest of the story has to be told by someone who was there.

Alanna Ballard lost her home, her possessions – even her children, who are now living with relatives – after the flooding.  But as tragic as her story is, she is hopeful that the town of Prattsville will recover.

As we celebrate with our families today and this week, the Innovation Trail team is keeping the survivors of the floods in our thoughts.

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