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Clean Water Act turns 40

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The Clean Water Act turns four decades old today, and that anniversary is ensuring this piece of legislation which is administered by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is receiving a fair bit of attention. 

Here's a roundup of some of the editorial comment that anniversary has generated.

Sandra Postel from the Freshwater Initiative at National Geographic argues that the processes used in hydraulic fracturing should be brought under the purview of the Clean Water Act, and its close associate the Safe Drinking Water Act. 

Peter Lehner's blog for the NRDC says that the act changed the way the nation viewed it water resources.

Is the Clean Water act failing to meet new pollution challenges?, asks the Christian Science Monitor.

Mark Gold from UCLA also thinks that the Act is due for another reboot.

The American Society of Civil Engineerssays that $84 billion needs to be spent by 2020 to ensure that the nation's water infrastructure keeps up with population growth.

Riverkeeper accuses parts of Congress of chipping away at parts of the act.

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