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Public art aims to promote health and wellness at BNMC

Two public murals were unveiled at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Wednesday. The large-scale artworks were installed on the sides of a parking garage located between Goodrich and High streets in the city.

The goal of the project is to combine science, medicine and art while beautifying public space. Artist James Cooper collaborated with other artists on the Goodrich Street mural, but was the sole creator of the mural entitled “Beautiful Health Fphacze” located on High Street.

Cooper says he hopes both pieces are the start of a new wave of projects in the city. He sees a natural connection between the medical community and art.

“A guy that tutored me in art years ago told me that we have, as artists, a responsibility. We're like the masters of the physical universe. Everything that started off being made started off as somebody’s drawing on a piece of paper,” says Cooper.

Director of the BNMC Board Ruth Bryant says she hopes the pieces provide some stress relief for the large number of daily visitors to the area. She also believes art and medicine go hand in hand.

“Art adds to the quality of life, it makes us all feel wonderful, and were hoping that this adds pleasure to those that visit the campus,” said Bryant.

The painting on the Goodrich Street side of the parking garage entitled “Nexus” was created by James Cooper, William Cooper (no relation), and Jennifer Fuentes. The 50’ x 20’ murals were pieced together in sections.

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