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Friday on Connections: Developing World innovation, Civic Apps Challenge, smuggled smokes

Kate O'Connell/WXXI
Haiti, street scene

It’s Innovation Friday on WXXI's Connections with Evan Dawson, and across the two hours we’ll look at a couple of grassroots innovation projects from the developing world, including one that’s connecting upstate New York with producers in the island nation of Haiti.

The program is streamed here from 12pm ET.

We’ll also check in at the halfway point with the Civic Hackathon, that’s where talented computer developers come up with programs and apps to enhance public life and community.


And with the deadline for the Affordable Care Act just around the corner, we’ll discuss how well New York state has done enrolling the country’s 4th largest Latino population in healthcare.

And we’re going to clear the air, so to speak, on New York’s consumption of smuggled cigarettes. In 2012, well over half of the cigarettes smoked in the state were illegal, and we’ll talk about what that means to the economy.

While we’re talking about air quality, we’ll hear about a collaborative research project - now in its fifth year - which is building a picture of what living close to a freeway can do to our health.

And if there's budget breaking news, we'll bring you that also.