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Need help making sense of the Affordable Care Act?


The Innovation Trail and WXXI News are partnering to help answer your questions about the Affordable Care Act. With the next enrollment period for individuals starting on November 15th, many people will once again be weighing up their insurance options.

We’re looking to feature real people from the community who have questions about the Affordable Care Act we can answer in our ongoing reporting project.

If you’re trying to navigate the new range of healthcare options, consider taking our brief, confidential survey which will allow you to pose a question that’s relevant to your particular situation.

We’re looking to represent people from all ages and walks of life and you may end being one of our featured stories!

You can take the survey by following the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WXXIACA

By the middle of April, over 960,000 New Yorkers had enrolled in health insurance according to New York state’s health plan marketplace.  Many people also decided to ride out the enrollment period because they had difficulty enrolling, didn’t have time to select a plan or it made economic better sense to remain uninsured.

And a range of questions continue to percolate as the Affordable Care Act moves forward. Writing for the Center for Governmental Research, economist Kent Gardner asks a couple of important questions around the ability of the healthcare system to absorb new enrollees given projections that there will be a nationwide shortage of 130,000 physicians by 2025.

Those questions and many more will underpin the reporting on 'Understanding the Affordable Care Act'.

You can also contact us using the email address acawxxi@wxxi.org

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