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New York regional health information exchanges achieve national accreditation

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Two New York State regional health information exchanges have been nationally accredited for the security of their systems.

The organizations manage tens of millions of clinical reports in Upstate New York each year.

The Healthcare Information Xchange of New York and Rochester RHIO were recently accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission.

The commission evaluated the regional exchanges for the privacy, security, and confidentiality of a program that directly alerts primary care doctors when their patients have been treated, for example in an emergency room.

The program works like a secure email system that keeps patient records in one central electronic format.

Ted Kremer, Executive Director of the Rochester RHIO, says this improves the efficiency of patient care.

"The information flows from one care provider to another. And is usually there before the patient is there, which really helps significantly from an administrative perspective, but from a care coordination perspective and a quality outcomes perspective, as well."

The systems are intended to reduce the incidents of adverse drug reactions and unnecessary medical tests, and to save money. 

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