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Clean water advocates: State's drinking water and wastewater systems in dire straits



 New York State is facing an aging wastewater infrastructure crisis.

That's according to a coalition of clean water and environmental advocates, who are calling on the state to invest 800-million dollars from bank settlement money on new clean water infrastructure grants.

A report from the Department of Environmental Conservation called "A Gathering Storm," states that sewage and wastewater treatment facilities in this state are deteriorating.

The DEC estimates the 20-year need for clean water and sewage infrastructure spending at 36-billion dollars.

The director of Monroe County's Environmental Services, Mike Garland, says more investment is needed in Monroe County's wastewater infrastructure, but the system overall is reliable and robust.

It's an aging infrastructure, Garland says, and the state and federal dollars that were available 40 years aren't available today, so funding sources must be identified.

Garland adds the 36-billion dollars that's estimated over 20 years for clean water and sewage infrastructure is reflective of the need.

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