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40 years on, Operation Babylift adoptees reflect on their journey

Courtesy Lana Mae Noone

In 1975, 2700 Vietnamese babies and children were evacuated to the US mainland in Operation Babylift. Another 1300 went to Canada, Australia and Europe. 40 years later we speak with some of those adoptees about their lives, and with adoptive parents and veterans who were involved in this major turning point. 

Some of this material was broadcast as part of Innovation Friday, in WXXI News' Connections with Evan Dawson on April 24th.

Tia Keevil, Greg Hodges and Pu Lani all came to America as part of Operation Babylift.

Greg Hodges grew up in Cohocton, New York and he shares his story with WXXI's Matthew Leonard.
Pu Lani speaks with WXXI's Beth Adams.

Sister Mary Nelle Gage worked with Rosemary Taylor/Friends For All Children in Saigon between 1973-1975. Then she was at the Presidio in preparation for and during the arrivals of the Babylift flights, and has organized reunions of adoptees through the years (85,90.95,2000,2005,2010) as well as escorting groups of adoptees back to Vietnam on Motherland Tours (96,97,2000,2005,2007,2015).

Sister Mary Nell Gage speaks with WXXI's Matthew Leonard.