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Read our brain drain stories

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This is your brain, reading our brain drain series.

The Innovation Trail has spent the last month thinking about how to get you to stay.  Or how to get you to come back.  Or at least trying to figure out why you left in the first place.

The result is our series about "brain drain," examining the phenomenon of New York's young people heading for greener pastures once they get through with high school or college.  The pieces culminate in our Innovation Conversation: Will You Stay or Will You Go?, airing soon on our partner stations.

Zack Seward reported on the demographic shifts that underpin what we call brain drain.  He talked to young professionals about why they stay - and why they go.

Emma Jacobs was up next, with a look at what we can learn from our neighbor to the north, Toronto, who seems to have figured out some sort of formula for attracting young people to its up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Daniel Robison set out to hunt for government programs that are specifically targeted at attracting and retaining young talent.  His prey turned out to be elusive - and expensive.

And Ryan Morden wrapped up our series with a rare gem: a profile of someone who came back (and from New York City to boot!).

We'd love to hear why you stayed, or why you left.  Is there something that New York's government, cultural institutions, educators, or business community could do to make our region more appealing?  Let us know in the comments, or, as ever, on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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