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We Live NY summit looking to recruit young people to NYS

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The “We Live NY” summit wants to bring young people to upstate New York to help shape its economy.

Young professionals groups from Central New York and the Southern Tier are spearheading a summit in March to focus on what communities can do to attract and retain young talent to upstate.

It's the "We Live NY summit" and, full disclosure, the Innovation Trail is a planning a radio program as part of the summit's agenda.

The event is scheduled for March 24-26 in Ithaca.  It's scheduled to include programming tracks about topics like entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and culture.

Mike Fuller is with Pipeline 4 Progress Network, the Southern Tier’s professional group, says the theme is getting young people to take responsibility for shaping upstate’s future

"We’re going to ask the attendees to sign on to this," Fuller says. "We’ll have a list of things we can all do together, collaboratively, to make New York the place that we want and the place we love to call home."

Fuller says the event is open to anyone who is interested in focusing on how to draw a new generation of residents to reestablish upstate New York’s economy. Rory Lawrence from 40 Below, Syracuse’s young professionals group says they also intend to go over how someone can create a similar organization in their community, if they lack one.

"At the summit we’re hoping to provide the building blocks for participants to take home - ideas, skills and contacts to their communities," said Lawrence.

The organizers are expecting to draw at least 800 participants.

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