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U of R celebrates Pi Day, MCC looking at new campuses

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There's pretty much no other way to celebrate 3.14.11.

University of Rochester
Students at the U of R got to throw pies at each other yesterday to celebrate "Pi Day" (3.14 - get it?), reports James Goodman at the Democrat and Chronicle:

Pi Day events at the University of Rochester on Monday weren't so bold as to try to answer all the questions about pi, but they did help deepen the public's understanding of 3.14. "It's both mysterious and beautiful," said professor Steve Gonek, chairman of UR's department of mathematics.

Monroe Community College
Three sites in downtown Rochester got a review by the Monroe Community College board yesterday, as the school searches for a new urban campus.  Reports Goodman at the Democrat and Chronicle:

One of the sites is the Sibley Building, which is where MCC currently leases two floors for its Damon City Campus. A cluster of county-owned buildings near the northeast corner of East Main and St. Paul streets makes up the second site, said [Monroe County Deputy County Executive Dan] DeLaus. These vacant structures include the Gateway, Edwards and Atrium buildings — totaling about 435,000 square feet. DeLaus said that a third building, which he declined to identify, also was in the running. That building, he noted, is not owned by the county and is currently being used.

The president of the school says she's hoping to have a campus selected by the end of the school year, and to stick close to a $72 million budget.

Binghamton University
Anika Michel at Binghamton University's Pipe Dream reports that the college is working on a ten-year master plan for improving the school's facilities:

Karen Fennie, communications specialist for BU Physical Facilities, said that the consultants interview a lot of entities across campus to get input for the alternatives. "We did a survey, involving students, toward the end of last year. It was basically asking them what kinds of spaces do they use now," Fennie said. "We asked them to rate certain areas, to get a sense of the students' thoughts on what facilities we have now and what facilities they would desire in the future." Some BU students have thought about how the campus might benefit from improvements to buildings. Zach Stratton, a freshman majoring in biology, said he thinks that the Fine Arts Building, which is under consideration for renovation, is in need of major reconstruction. "There's that whole wing of the Fine Arts Building that's really sketchy and old," Stratton said. "Everything feels like straight out of the '50s."

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