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More brain drain and changing population

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Here's a good idea: read our brain drain series.

We've had brain drain on the mind lately - as evidenced by our four-part series on the phenomenon and its effects upstate, and our most recent Innovation Conversation.  (Did you miss it?  Catch it on WSKG tomorrow at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.)

Census data in Rochester

We're not the only ones reporting about changes upstate.  Alan Morelle, Ernst Lamothe Jr. and Bennett Loudon at the Democrat and Chronicle have teamed up to take a look at the shifting demographics of the Rochester region, following the release of Census data.

Here's the top line summary: Webster, Henrietta, Victor and Pittsford are growing, Greece still reigns as the largest 'burb but is seeing slow growth, and Irondequoit is shrinking.

But definitely click through to get more insight into these changing communities, and the challenges they're dealing with as they seek to balance growth with quality of life.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

When we talked to young professionals about what it takes to get them to choose upstate, they invariably said it came down to jobs. Two good pieces today underline that point:

Ross Perlin's op ed in the New York Times decrying the exploitation of college students in the never-ending internship roulette and,

Serrie Graslie's profile at NPR of a young woman who's struggling to apply her skills as a hair stylist and care for her family.

Bully for Binghamton

And finally, if you're looking for a dose of optimism, Nancy Dooling at the Press & Bulletin has a profile of a young man who's bullish on Binghamton:

[Rick Lucas] likes the people who live here. "People are just more genuine," he said. When his family came to visit him last summer, they walked around during downtown's annual July Fest. Lucas said they ran into many people he'd met, surprising his family. "I think they thought I was some kind of rock star," he said. Lucas said he's puzzled sometimes by the negative carping about Binghamton that comes from some disgruntled residents. "No place is going to have everything," Lucas said. "You just have to get out more."

[h/t to Emma Jacobs for her suggestions for this round-up.]

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