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SUNY New Paltz hunts for a president, while SUNY hiring grows

SUNY New Paltz is in a similar bind as SUNY Binghamton, reports Jeremiah Horrigan at the Times Herald-Record.  The school was supposed to suggest names for a new president to SUNY chancellor Nancy Zimpher last month, but two of three finalists bailed and a new search has been started up.  It could wend its way into the next school year.  The process so far has already cost $100,000.

Meanwhile SUNY isn't having any trouble hiring at the sub-presidential level.  Joseph Spector and Cathey O'Donnell report for Gannett that the school system (and CUNY) has been adding workers left and right:

A review by Gannett's Albany Bureau found that from 2001 through 2010 the overall state work force dropped by just 420 employees, or 0.2 percent, to a total of 266,816 full- and part-time workers. But employment at the state University of New York and the City University of New York soared over the past decade, up nearly 9 percent at SUNY schools to 71,312 employees, and up 30 percent at CUNY to a total of 29,282 workers. School officials said the growth was due to record student enrollment. Other state agencies, however, have seen a steady decline in workers, the records obtained by Gannett from the state Comptroller's Office show. The number of employees at state agencies dropped 7.2 percent over the decade, down 13,000 employees to a total of 166,222. "SUNY and CUNY have been going up and masking the reductions in other agencies," said Elizabeth Lynam, deputy research director for the Citizens Budget Commission, which has studied state employment trends.

Team telescope

Cornell University and CalTech's "Cerro Chajnantor Atacama Telescope" project has seven new partners, reports the International Business Times.  The plan: to build a 25-meter telescope in Chile, to help looking deeper into the formation of stars and galaxies.


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