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It's official: Tripathi and Magrath are SUNY's news presidents

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University at Buffalo
Satish Tripathi will make $650,000 a year as president of UB.

A new president at University at Buffalo and an interm president at Binghamton University have been approved by the SUNY board, reports Veronica Lewin at the Legislative Gazette.  Peter Magrath will keep the helm at BU as the search for a permanent president continues, and Satish Tripathi officially advances from provost to president at UB.

Tripathi will pick up a sizeable pay bump in his new role - as provost he made $265,000, but as president that paycheck will rise to $650,000.  But Aaron Besecker at the Buffalo News reports that's not all:

Tripathi will live in the university's presidential home and have a vehicle paid for by the university. The compensation package, excluding the home and the vehicle, puts Tripathi just behind the heads of Stony Brook University, Texas A&M, the University of Texas-Austin and the University of Virginia, according to figures compiled by the Chronicle of Higher Education and provided by UB to reporters at Monday's news conference. The $650,000 package puts him ahead of those in similar positions at the universities of Arizona, Iowa and Oregon, as well as Michigan State University, according to the data.

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