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U of R under fire for animal research

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A University of Rochester researcher is back on the job after being charged with starving a research monkey.

A researcher at the University of Rochester is under fire for not feeding monkeys used in animal research, reports James Goodman at the Democrat and Chronicle.  The researcher was sanctioned according to the school, but is back on the job, which has animal advocates mad:

Martin Stephens, vice president of animal research for the Humane Society, said that USDA should have been involved early on in the corrective action. "There needs to be more transparency," he said. He also said that even though UR is a private institution, most of its research is funded with public dollars and overseen by public laws. "What is being done in our name?" said Stephens.

SUNY tuition hike

The Watertown Daily Times' editorial board is urging the legislature to pass SUNY's "Rational Tuition" bill, which would allow for measured tuition increases over several years, instead of big jumps and leaps:

Tuition increases at the state university are inevitable. It would be better if each campus were allowed to assess its needs, chart its course and raise tuition accordingly. Barring that, Gov. Cuomo's approach is a reasonable one for all concerned.

Syracuse hospital deal

The state has given the green light for SUNY's Upstate Medical University to buy Community General Hospital in Syracuse, reports Eric Reinhardt at the Business Journal of Central New York.  The sale is projected to go through by July 7.

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