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Syracuse University nabs Welch Allyn incubator

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Medical device maker Welch Allyn is passing its business incubator to Syracuse University.

Welch Allyn is transferring an incubator dedicated to health care research to Syracuse University, reports the Post-Standard's James T. Mulder:

The change will allow the incubator, known as Blue Highway, to expand its efforts to develop innovations beyond health care to other areas of science and technology, company and SU officials announced today. Welch Allyn of Skaneateles founded Blue Highway on the SU campus in 2008 as a way for researchers and students to come up with breakthrough ideas it can incorporate into its products. Ideas incubated at Blue Highway include biodegradable ear probe covers, non-invasive heart monitors and adaptive computing for hospital rooms that provides information customized for different caregiver roles.

University at Buffalo researchers published findings about Nobel Prize winning graphene in the journal Nature Communications yesterday, reports the Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison:

Co-author Brian Schultz says the computing industry is especially intrigued. "It used to be that you wanted a processor that was as fast as possible, right? And then recently [computer chip manufacturers] said, Okay, you can't go any faster. And the problem with this is that you've reached a limit with silicon-based electronics," Schultz says. "You can't really go any faster without destroying the components. And so with graphene, the idea is that we will be able to go 10, 100 times faster in the future."

A group of parents in Rochester to create a union for parents to give them more leverage in the city school system (via Tiffany Lankes, Democrat and Chronicle).

And finally, I couldn't find a round-up where this post seemed appropriate but I couldn't pass on this story either.  NPR's Planet Money has dug up what they're calling a "libertarian summer camp:"

On today's Planet Money, we travel to a place where people are trying to live without government interference. A place where you can use bits of silver to buy uninspected bacon. A place where a 9-year-old will sell you alcohol. It's the 2011 Porcupine Freedom Festival, known to its friends as PorcFest. It's the summer festival for people who think we should return to the gold standard and abolish the IRS.

Click through for the podcast.

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