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Upstate job stats sweetened by Greek yogurt

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Agro Farma, maker of Chobani yogurt, is investing $97 million in a new facility in Chenango County.

Happy Friday. We've been keeping cool by drinking plenty of fluids and munching on today's trail mix:

Looking for a job? Buffalo and Rochester employment numbers are both looking good.

The Greek economy is still in trouble, but its yogurt is giving New York a boost.

NY job growth looks promising

Some good news for Western New Yorkers, the Buffalo Niagara region added 7,300 jobs in the past year (David Robinson, Buffalo News).

NYS Department of Labor ranks Rochester number one in private-sector job growth (Mike Dickinson, Rochester Business Journal).

Nationwide, long-term unemployment continues to linger. Here's an interactive state-by-state breakdown (Sara Murray, Wall Street Journal).

Greek yogurt maker, Chobani, is expanding and adding 450 jobs in Columbus, N.Y. (Associated Press, Syracuse Post Standard).

Businesses get boost

New York's Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)  announces millions in funding to small businesses and nonprofits (Leah Buletti, Times Union).

First Niagara's profits soared by 59 percent in the second quarter (Jonathan Epstein, Buffalo News).

Verizon launches its 4G LTE network in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Supposedly it's 10 times faster than 3G (Leah Buletti, Times Union).

The cell phone giant also surprised Wall Street with better than expected earnings, thanks to help from iPhone 4 sales (Jenna Wortham, New York Times).

Small world...

Apparently, everyone on the planet would fit into the state of Texas if we all lived like New York City residents (Tim De Chant, Per Square Mile blog).


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