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Good Morning and welcome to the Tuesday Innovation Trail Mix.

Industrial robots are going to create a whole lot of jobs according to a new report.

Obama and Romney turned a debate on foreign policy into a de-facto domestic policy discussion where the old standbys of renewable energy (Obama), small business (Romney) and other non-foreign topics took up a good deal of the airtime.
Governor Cuomo is prepping for his beer and wine industry summit in Albany tomorrow, and is continuing his  pulse-check of the progress of the regional economic development councils in Troy, New York this morning.


The governor also put some flesh on the bones of Energy Highway Initiative introduced in his 2012 State of the State address. The plan includes the following measures.

  • Invest $1 billion for 1000 MW of new electric transmission capacity
  • Initiate $250 million in new renewable energy projects, leveraging $425 million in private investment and creating 270 MW of new power
  • Modernize and repower existing inefficient, high emission plants to create 750 MW of power, enabled by approximately $1.5 billion investment.
  • Generate 1,200 MW of additional capacity through approximately $1 billion investment to help meet reliability needs to address retiring power plants across the state.
  • Accelerate $1.3 billion of investment in existing transmission and distribution projects to enhance reliability, improve safety, reduce cost to customers and reduce emissions.
  • Invest $250 million to develop Smart Grid technologies and create the most advanced energy management control center in the country.
  • Initiate field studies of Atlantic Ocean offshore wind development potential

Dominion Resources Inc., closes its Wisconsin nuclear power plant after failing to find a buyer. (AP)


There's a spirit of collaboration amongst hospitals in the north country, reports Julie Grant for North Country Public Radio.


TheInternational Federation of Robotics (IFR) has released a report by two researchers quantifying the potential for job creation by the increased use of industrial robots in the global workforce.

Credit http://www.ifr.org/uploads/media/Metra_Martech_Study_on_robots_02.pdf
Figures from

David Sommerstein at North Country Public Radio looks at the "rural food deserts" of the north country.

The folks of Pavillion, Wyoming (a town of interest because of the testing that's taking place on its groundwater),tell it like it is. (Business Insider).

What you may have missed yesterday:

The proximity of the energy markets in the north-east, means that the Marcellus Shale is going to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for natural gas supplies in the future, reported Matt Richmond.

An audit into the SUNY Research Foundation* was released yesterday by the Office of the State Comptroller.

[*SUNY Research Foundation is an underwriter of the Innovation Trail.]