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Massachusetts motor company brings new jobs to Glens Falls

New York Electric Motor Service, a small motor company based in Glens Falls, changed hands at the beginning of the year, and additional hiring is likely to follow. 

The buyer is applied Applied Dynamics, a motor repair company based in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

"We found a small shop that was teetering with the economy," said David Manning, Applied Dynamic's CEO. "And we made [th] ‘em an offer and we really liked his people and they all got to keep their jobs and we’re going to add to that work force."

Manning hopes to increase the Glens Falls workforce from 5 to between 20-30 employees over the course of the year.

His company’s also working on a prototype of a small wind turbine to help power homes and businesses.

"If we get a patent and that goes, we could look at doing manufacturing in New York, we’ve already got a lease on a building there near our motor shop," Manning said. 

According to the company’s website, turbine manufacturing could generate an additional 200-300 new jobs.

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