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Addressing poverty in New York, county by county

U.S. Census Bureau

The New York State Community Action Association is undertaking a major tour around the state in an effort to bring attention to poverty.

The tour’s first stop, at the Ulster County Community Action headquarters, highlighted their effort to help people prepare for jobs and gain access to everything from food to head start to weatherizing their homes.

This group is fully funded through the federal government via President Johnson’s 1964 Economic Opportunity Act or his ‘War on Poverty.’

But as more and more federal funding begins to dry up, they are turning to private corporations, individuals and organizations to provide the support local communities.

If you want to help any of the Community Action Associations around New York State, organizers suggest donating food, or adopt a family for the holidays. And above all, don’t judge a person in need because how they came into their circumstances may be more common than most people think.

This link, provides quick access to census information about population and income in New York.

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