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Owego Lockheed Martin facility will work on new Marine One


The Lockheed Martin facility in Owego will help construct a new fleet of new presidential helicopters. Also, the Tioga County Industrial Development Agency approved a deal with the Maryland-based company to bring even more jobs to the region.

Lockheed Martin won part of a $1.24 billion contract to build a new fleet of presidential helicopters.

The facility in Owego will be constructing the communications system for the new Marine One helicopters. The program is expected to create 200 jobs.

In a separate deal, the Tioga County Industrial Development Agency recently approved a tax break for Lockheed Martin to expand their operation.

Leeann Tinney with Tioga County IDA says this project will bring another 130 new jobs.

“So that alone I think it pretty impressive and to couple that with the Marine One win as well that will bring an addition 200 jobs.  I think it’s going to have a dramatic impact on our area,” says Tinney. 

The growth comes five years after a similar contract to build Marine One was canceled and hundreds lost their jobs at the Owego plant.

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