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Best of the week, 10/18-10/22

A gold star goes out to the Innovation Trail crew for a week of great reporting.
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A gold star goes out to the Innovation Trail crew for a week of great reporting.

It's been a great week here on the Innovation Trail, despite the chaos that many of your trail guides are experiencing as their stations conduct their fall pledge campaigns.  Here are my picks for the best of the week:

WRVO's Ryan Morden kicked off the week with a look at upcoming hearings on high speed rail in New York State.  The next hearing is in Albany on Tuesday.  

The Innovation Trail has wrapped up its Reinventing the Windmill series, but that doesn't mean the wind turbine hits don't keep coming.  WXXI's Zack Seward brought us the story of yet another Lake Ontario town that's preemptively said "no" to offshore turbines.  And WNED's Daniel Robison checked in with the Steel Winds project in Lackawanna, N.Y., where the developer First Wind has signed a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement to begin the second phase of turbine development there.

WMHT's Dan Bazile brought us a look at the legislative season that wasn't in Albany.  He's got a rundown of some of the biggest disappointments for New York's pro-business lobby in 2010.

And WSKG's Emma Jacobs hipped us to the upstate New York connection of the Yes Men's latest anti-corporate prank, this time targeting Chevron.

We hope that you've also some noticed some new features on the Innovation Trail.  We've added RSS feeds, so you can have guideposts along the trail.  Subscribe to our daily trail mix posts, our posts from the Hudson Valley, central New York, the Finger Lakes, the Southern Tier, the North Country and western New York, or subscribe to everything!

We're also adding audio to our posts, so you can catch the stories you missed on air, image slide shows (check out Daniel Robison's story about neighborhood renewal to see an example) and video embedding - so expect your hikes to get a lot more interesting.

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