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Xerox cuts jobs in Rochester, GlobalFoundries parent acquired

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Making copies no more: Xerox is continuing with strategic job cuts.

Xerox has cut an unknown number of workers at its suburban Rochester plant, reports Matt Danemane at the Democrat and Chronicle.  The cuts were part of an earlier restructuring plan, and according to the report, didn't rise to the level required to file a notice with the state labor department (250 jobs):

"While there are positions being eliminated in Webster, we are continuing to hire in some areas, and projects from other parts of the country are being consolidated in Webster," company spokesman Bill McKee said. At the end of 2010, Xerox employed 6,800 people in the Rochester region, down about 200 from a year earlier. Its worldwide work force was 136,500.

The parent company of GlobalFoundries (remember, with the great lunches?) outside Albany has been acquired by Mubadala Development Co., reports Chris Churchill at the Times Union.  Mubadala is owned by the Abu Dhabi goverment - but so was GlobalFoundries' parent company, so no big changes there:

Investment plans for GlobalFoundries facilities -- like the one in Malta -- will also remain unchanged, the company said.

"Owning the night"
Satellite firm ITT (remember, with the weather?) has donated six pairs of night vision goggles to the Rochester city police department, reports Daneman (again!) in the Democrat and Chronicle:

The battery-powered monoculars, which resemble small camcorders, will let officers see in low-light conditions. "It's about owning the night," Geospatial President Chris Young said. "I used to be on the SWAT team and we never had technology like this," said Chief James Sheppard.

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