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Buffalo mulls cars on Main Street, Binghamton vies for "livable city" award

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A night at the theater could include a drive down Main Street, if planners get their way in Buffalo.

The debate over allowing vehicle traffic on Buffalo's Main Street is heating up, report Robert McCarthy, Brian Meyer and Denise Jewell Gee at the Buffalo News.  Right now the strip is closed to cars in favor of light rail, but the Shea Performing Arts Center wants to see the route reopened:

Anthony Conte, Shea's president, said the idea involves opening the front door of Shea's to drop-off car traffic and bring a sense of uniqueness to the Theater District. "When you have people come to visit your house, do you invite them to your back door or your front door?" he asked. "Unfortunately, when they come to our house, our theater, at least half of them or more end up going to the back door, because that's where all the parking is. "But if we have the ability to drop people off directly in front of the theater," he added, "then I think we'll see more people use the main entrance of the theater and appreciate the beauty of the theater."

High speed rail

At Infrastructurist, Eric Jaffe has another edition of "For and Against High Speed Rail," this time pitting Richard White at the New York Times against Steven Harrod at CNN.  Round 2, fight!

Binghamton parks

The fate of Binghamton's "Design Your Own Park" project will be revealed today, when winners of the Philips Livable Cities competition are announced, reports Jennifer Micale at the Press & Sun-Bulletin.  The prize: 75,000 euros.  The competition: seven other cities, culled from an initial group of 450.

Powering up

Tom Rumsey of the New York Independent System Operator, the organization that manages the state's power grid, was on Capital Tonight last night.  Here's what he has to say about the upcoming summer power season.

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