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SUNY leaders push for tuition hike

Capital Tonight has video of Senator James Seward talking about the need for planned increases in tuition rates, aka "rational tuition."

He's on the same team as a group of SUNY presidents who lobbied for the five percent increase in Albany yesterday.  Tom Precious at the Buffalo News reports that the presidents told reporters the increase would be used for instruction.  But a small group of students showed up to heckle the effort:

But students critical of the hike, including the dozen who turned out at the Capitol to try to shout down the SUNY leaders, say they are worried the extra money will go to bolster administrative salaries and won’t provide extra student services.

Meanwhile SUNY chancellor Nancy Zimpher says the school system is cooperating with the state inspector general's probe into the SUNY Research Foundation [Disclosure: SRF is an underwriter of the Innovation Trail].  State of Politics has the video.

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