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Binghamton waits for waters to recede

The flooding that began on Wednesday night brought hundreds of national guard soldiers, search and rescue teams and the governor of New York to Broome County, to help with preparedness and the evacuation of approximately 20,000 people.

So far no casualties were reported, accorded to Broome County Executive Patrick Brennan.

“But like I say, we have to go through and verify the areas that we ordered to evacuate and verify that everyone got out.”

Those that did evacuate will now have to wait at least a couple of days at least to go back home as the wait for the waters to recede continues, says Brennan.

“There might be some pumping, but mainly it’s going to be nature.”

County officials do not yet have an estimate for the cost of recovery efforts.

WSKG/Southern Tier reporter for the Innovation Trail.
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