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Genny, Anheuser-Busch add on upstate

Zack Seward

Today in your Trail Mix: beer.

Genesee Brewery and Anheuser-Busch are upgrading upstate facilities.

Batavia's agri-business park attracts tenants.

Wall Street's contribution to New York's bottom line is on the wane.

Plus, anyone want to buy a flywheel plant?


Genesee Brewery is planning a visitor's center and brew pub in Rochester (Zack Seward, Innovation Trail).

The latest company profiled in WXXI's Innovation Trail series "Company Town" is Roc Brewing Co.

Brewer Anheuser-Busch has plans to add a production line for 24-ounce "tall boy" cans at a plant outside Syracuse (Rick Seltzer, Central New York Business Journal).


Batavia's Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park has filled or has commitments for half of its acreage with tenants like a yogurt maker and a mushroom grower (Bill Brown, Buffalo News).

PAETEC's new owner is shaping up to be a "solid citizen" (Steve Sink, Democrat and Chronicle).

Inventory levels are lower this year as Syracuse-area stores prep for "Black Friday" (Bob Niedt, Post-Standard).

Arizona-based Valutek is bringing its headquarters to Utica as part of a regional cluster in clean room and chip fabrication (Larry Rulison, Times Union).

Volunteers with Schoharie Recovery have put in tens of thousands of volunteer hours to help with flood recovery (Eric Anderson, Times Union).

Wall Street

Wall Street's contribution to New York's bottom line is declining (Joseph Spector, Gannett).

Occupy Albany protestors are considering ending their campaign to egg state troopers into arresting them (Jimmy Vielkind, Times Union).

Tourism and higher ed

The man behind the Finger Lakes Museum idea says there's too much momentum for the project not to come to fruition (Leo Roth, Gannett).

The president of SUNY Albany is stepping down (All Over Albany).


The Delaware River Basin Commission won't be voting on controversial fracking regulations today.  It's giving members more time to consider their votes, after members like New York and Delaware said they'd vote "no" on the rules (Marie Cusick, Innovation Trail).

The flywheel plant that benefited from the same federal loan program as the now-defunct Solyndra is putting its plant up for sale (Larry Rulison, Times Union).

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