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Top 10: Reinvention

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What sort of reinvention is on your horizon as you ring in the new year?

If nothing else, 2011 was a good year for reinvention.

It was a year for exploring what your city used to be, to see what it could become.

It was a year for striving to get over the hump, and convincing outsiders that your town is worth investing in.

It was a year for persuading insiders – the region’s young people – to stay and make their living in upstate.

It was a year of overcoming challenges to find success.

It was a year for looking beyond your borders, to see who’s coming here to start a new life, and how neighborhoods are changing (for the better) as a result.

It was a year in which people took risks, both in their professional and personal lives, to see what owning your own business and being your own boss looks like.

So as you celebrate 2012, we here at the Innovation Trail wish you the very best. Here’s hoping that however you reinvented yourself in 2011 was a success – and that you keep growing in the new year.

Your turn

What changes are you hoping to see in the new year – economically, politically, culturally, or technologically? Let us know in the comments, or talk back to us on Facebook.

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