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Upstate New York’s cities take in around 90 percent of all refugees coming to the state. Since the 1970s, waves of refugees have helped arrest declining population and injected much-needed energy into their new communities.As refugees become more established they transform neglected neighborhoods, open new businesses and establish services to provide support for the next wave of arrivals. They also face several unique challenges.While studies put an overall positive spin on the economic impact of refugee arrivals, that doesn’t tell the complete story. We're taking a look at how these arrivals are weaving their way into the region’s changing economy.

Graphic: Where New York state's refugees come from

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In fiscal year 2012, New York state took in 3,529 refugees from seven countries, according to the New York state Bureau of Refugees and Immigrant Assistance, part of the roughly 58,000 that came to the United States. Ninety percent of those refugees were resettled in upstate New York.

Here's how their home nations breakdown:

All week The Innovation Trail has been taking a look at how those refugees have weaved their way into upstate New York's changing economy and you can find more from that series here.

WRVO/Central New York reporter for the Innovation Trail
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