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Father of 3-D printing calls RIT award 'humbling'

Rochester Institute of Technology

The father of 3-D printing was honored with an award at Rochester Institute of Technology on Thursday night.

Chuck Hull invented the manufacturing process called stereolithography, or 3-D printing, in 1983, and founded the company 3D Systems in 1986.

The industry has changed dramatically since then, and Hull says he's excited to see such widespread use of his technology, especially in the health field.

"Certainly it wasn't expected, so when someone's life is possibly impacted, it gives you a really good, warm feeling."

Hull was honored with the Melbert B. Cary Jr. Award for advancing technology in graphic communications and related fields. He says he's honored by the distinction, especially in this region.

"Rochester is the seat of a lot imaging and electronic imaging technology, and so there's a lot of really amazing historical figures that have contributed here, and so to be recognized with that award is pretty humbling."