Matt Martin

Matt Martin/WSKG

It’s a windy day as Dan Teed makes his way up the side of a gravel road. Tall, twirling turbines stand like sentinels on the crest of the hill.

Teed is on a mission. He’s at the Howard Wind Project in Steuben County. He wants to hear the noise from the spinning blades for himself.

“One person said that the tips of the wings are actually traveling at 125 miles an hour.”

Dan stands under a single turbine in the middle of an empty field surrounded by a grove of trees. Shadows flicker on the grass with each pass of the blades.

“What do you think, Dan?”

Emily/via Flickr

The Broome County Legislature has temporarily shelved a deal with California company, SolarCity, to build a solar panel project for the county. Some legislators are concerned because the company is under investigation by the federal government.

The deal with SolarCity would help reduce energy costs for the county. The deal got unanimous approval in the county’s Economic, Education, and Culture Committee, before it was known that the company was part of a federal investigation.

Courtesy of Wilmot Casino and Resort

A judge in Seneca County has dismissed a court case over a proposal to build a casino in Tyre. A group of residents of the small agricultural town filed suit claiming the town board pushed through a controversial zoning amendment.

Fifty-seven Tyre residents opposed Rochester-based businessman Thomas Wilmot’s proposed casino and they challenged the town board’s support for the project in court. They say the board pushed through changes to zoning laws that make the casino possible without proper input.