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Worries about wind graft and hospital safety

David Laribee
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Officials from Lewis and Herkimer counties could benefit from wind development here at the Maple Ridge Wind Farm, according to the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

Conflict of interest in wind growth

There are concerns that public officials are reaping the benefits of wind development in the foothills of the Adirondacks. From the Observer-Dispatch:

The lease arrangements have raised questions among local residents and good-government experts about potential conflicts of interest as wind-turbine farms are approved.

Hospital safety

The Times Union a rundown of patient safety at hospitals across New York. Ew ew ew! from the paper:

Retained foreign objects remained a problem, even though it is considered a "never-event" -- a type of incident that should never happen. There were 84 cases statewide of foreign objects left behind after surgery, only four fewer than the previous year. While some were innocent events, like a broken tip of a catheter that is easily retrieved, others were much more serious.

Arts and crafts

An art exhibition in Buffalo highlights the best of the Rust Belt.

We told you last week about a plan to have a 43-mile long yard sale along Route 16 outside Buffalo. It came off without a hitch, according to the Buffalo News.

Property tax cap prospects

The Democrat and Chronicle is reporting that Governor David Paterson thinks a tax cap would pass the Assembly. It's already cleared the Senate, and he would sign it into law. The bill would prevent municipalities from increasing property taxes beyond a certain threshold.

Hospital acquisition

The Post-Standard has the details about Crouse Hospital's plans to buy Internist Associates of Central New York, to boost collaboration on patient care.

Climbing out of the recession

Western New York gets high marks for surviving the recession, according to a new study by Brookings Institution. From the Buffalo News columnist David Robinson:

The big question, though, is whether our recovery will be long and weak, as it was during the previous three downturns, or whether the rebound this time, coming from a stronger starting point, will be at least average or better.

New leadership at NTID

The National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester is eyeing three candidates for its top job, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. The school is expecting to have a new president by the beginning of 2011.

GE growing

It's a good year for GE, and for the Capital Region, as the firm adds jobs, renovates buildings and increases capacity. The Times-Union has the story.

Snowbelt showdown

The Democrat and Chronicle pits the stock indexes of several Thruway cities against each other. Buffalo is leading the pack.

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