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Binghamton dog-owners get legal

Dogs win fence.
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Dogs win fence.

Binghamton-area dog owners have won a small victory during their wait for a community-led park on its way through a lengthy collaborative design process. In addition to the lot we visited on Binghamton's north side last month, dog owners told us they also wanted to find a way to access the unofficial dog park legally.

The Town of Union, west of the city, has received an extension from Broome County's legislature on its lease of a neighborhood park. With possession of Choconut Park certain until 2023, the town has felt secure enough to devote some creative investments to putting up a dog run in the park.

The Press and Sun Bulletin has the details from town Supervisor, John Bernardo.

A six-foot high fence, which was removed this summer from West Endicott Park, will be used at the Choconut Center dog park, Bernardo said. Otherwise, the volunteer committee would have needed to raise thousands of dollars to purchase a fence. The town's only financial commitment will be paying a public works crew to install the fence and eventually mowing the grass.

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