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Governor Cuomo takes 5 percent pay cut

New York's new governor has set the scene with a pay cut.
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New York's new governor has set the scene with a pay cut.

In his first step towards cutting the state's looming $9.3 billion deficit, newly-inaugurated Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced plans to cut his own salary. The Governor, Lieutenant-Governor Robert Duffy, and their aides will all return five percent of their salaries to the state.

Barbara Bartoletti, Legislative Director for the League of Women Voters of New York State, says the measure was delivered as a sign of good faith at the beginning of a gloomy budget process.

I think he's trying to set the tone with that salary reduction. Five per cent isn't huge but it does mean something. That's what people will be looking for. Where is that shared sacrifice that he's been talking about going to come from.

A round of layoffs of 900 state workers began on Saturday. A one-year pay freeze for state employees will be a part of the emergency budget plan Cuomo will lay out on Wednesday.

Governor Paterson took a 10 per cent pay decrease in 2009, but made raises to some of his staff's salary in 2010 (which he was force to rescind after public outcry).

You can watch video from the current Governor's announcement here.

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