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Cuomo's elusive PR man

  • Capital New York has a profile of the man in front of the man (behind a curtain), Governor Andrew Cuomo's communications director Rich Bamberger.  
  • The new head of the Department of Health says he's not in favor of a soda tax (via the Democrat and Chronicle's Vote Up blog).
  • Google is handing over $800,000 to Cornell to study social networking (via Newswise).
  • The New York Times' Scientist at Work blog has a dispatch from the wilds of Albany, where Roland Kays is studying fishers - basically giant urban weasels.
  • John McWhorter  has a blog up at WSJ where he argues that we shouldn't be mourning SUNY's cuts to French and Russian, and that students should be learning Arabic and Chinese instead (via WSJ's Ideas Market blog).
  • Hungry in the Capital Region? All Over Albany has you hooked up with a rundown of some of the best diner breakfasts.  Sample menu item: "french toast with seasoned challah bread and [that] comes sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar."

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