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Best of the week, 1/24-1/28

It's the weekend. Nuff said.
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It's the weekend. Nuff said.

The Innovation Trail is spending the weekend with bated breath as we approach Governor Andrew Cuomo's budget presentation on Tuesday, February 1 at 1 p.m.  

Many of our collaborating stations will be airing the address on radio and television, and WXXI's Zack Seward will be live tweeting it here.  WSKG's Emma Jacobs will bring you the details about how innovation and technology fare in the budget during newscasts on your local public radio station that evening, and WNED's Daniel Robison and WRVO's Ryan Morden will be following up in the coming days. 

And then we're coming to you.  This spring, while members of the state legislature duke out the details, we'll be asking you about what your solutions for the budget are. We want to hear from nurses about Medicaid, from teachers about education, and from plow drivers about pension plans. And we'll be reaching into our Rolodexes to bring you opinions from across the state.  Already have a good idea for dealing with New York's $10 billion budget deficit? Email it to us, share it on Facebook, or tweetit to us.

That said, the state of the state's finances have been on our minds lately.

Dan Bazile filed a report about how New York's business incentives programs are shaping up under the Cuomo administration last Friday.  Emma Jacobs and Zack Seward followed up with a two-part series about how businesses cobble together incentive packages from various levels of government, and how the Cuomo administration might deal with the structural issues that make the state "unfriendly" to business.

Dan also brought us the details on the new head of Empire State Development (the incentivizer-in-chief in NYS), Ken Adams.

Daniel Robison updated us on plans to bring a Verizon data center to western New York.  The firm still hasn't signed on the dotted line, but already, politicians are calling it a win for the region

Ryan Morden brought us a look at the inside politics of recycling bins in Syracuse.  And Zack rebutted Newsweek's supposition that Rochester is a dying town.

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