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Economic developers make their case to Albany

The final 2011 budget, like the state Capitol, is still under construction.
Emma Jacobs
The final 2011 budget, like the state Capitol, is still under construction.

Today is the New York State legislature's public hearing on economic development, and the Innovation Trail will be there.

As The New York Times noted last week, stakes are a little higher for this series of presentations than they've been at other formal hearings that have played out in Albany. That's because, as NYT puts it:

Many of those testifying are pleading for financial salvation.

So far, legislative committees devoted to local government, environmental conservation, policing and higher education have heard from interest groups that want to reverse cuts made in the governor's budget. According to the NYT attendance has not been great: 

The hearings — 13 in all — would be considered dull even by faithful C-Span viewers. For hours on end, officials sit before lawmakers and read long, carefully worded speeches noting the need for shared sacrifice in tight fiscal times. Then, with varying levels of shamelessness, they tend to ask the lawmakers to reverse the governor’s proposed cuts as they pertain to their own institution or agency. The hearings are held in a big auditorium in the Legislative Office Building across the street from the Capitol. Audience members are not allowed bring in provisions like food or coffee. The meetings last for ages — 6 hours 6 minutes in the case of the higher education session.

More boring than C-Span? We're there! Watch this space for highlights over the course of the day. Expect discussion of the governor's regional economic development councils  and of course, more cuts.

Former WRVO/Central New York reporter for the Innovation Trail.
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