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Tell us how you'd fix New York's budget

Welcome to the negotiating table: we want to hear your budget solutions for New York.
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Welcome to the negotiating table: we want to hear your budget solutions for New York.

New York State legislators and the governor are facing down an April 1 deadline for a completed state budget.

In advance of that due date, the Innovation Trail has collected a group of experts to blog their solutions for New York's budget.  We wanted to know: How would you fix New York's budget?  What would you cut?  Where would you find more money?

We got an interesting set of answers to those questions from a great group of guests writers.  You can read the ones we've posted so far here.  Now we want to hear from you.

Think you could solve the state budget's problems?  Email us your solution at innovationtrail@wxxi.org and we might feature it on the blog.  Here are the rules:

  • Identify a single cut, revenue enhancement, or policy change that you think could have a significant impact on the state's finances.
  • Keep your post between 450 and 1,000 words.
  • Include a short biography of yourself.  Are you a nurse with a great solution for saving money on Medicaid?  Are you a farmer with an idea about agriculture?  Let us know if you have specific expertise in what you're writing about.
  • Use the subject line "budget solution" in your email.  Otherwise it might get buried in our inbox.
  • We might edit your work to make it more readable, or shorter.  We won't change the thrust of your ideas.
  • Sending us your post gives us the right to publish it on InnovationTrail.org and on our partner stations' (WXXI, WNED, WRVO, WSKG, and WMHT) sites - but it doesn't guarantee that we'll publish it.
  • Sorry, no anonymous submissions.

And of course, you can always let us know what you think in the comments, on our Facebook page,or via Twitter.