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Rounding up today's demographics stories

Binghamton University's Forum is taking on brain drain in rural regions today, reports My-Ly Nguyen at the Press & Sun-Bulletin.  Fresh off our series and Innovation Conversation talk show about brain drain, we're interested to see what comes of that discussion.

Edward Glaeser at the New York Times' Economix blog has a post about the benefits of density in urban clusters, arguing that residents are richer and smarter because of their proximity to each other.  We're watching this in particuar because the Innovation Trail's Emma Jacobs is working on a series about the challenges Ithaca, N.Y. faces as it looks to pump up its tech economy.  But without density, it's having trouble achieving critical mass.  Watch this space for those stories, kicking off today.

And finally, Gene Warner reports at the Buffalo News that the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival will be featuring the documentary "Nickel City Smiler" on Wednesday night at 6 p.m.  The film follows Burmese refugee Smiler Greeley as he makes a new life in Buffalo - one of many refugees who comprise much of Buffalo's population growth, as the Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison reported in his series last month.


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