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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced early in his term that he'd be creating a set of "regional economic councils" to build plans for funding economic development across New York, from the ground up.In the summer of 2011 he finally announced some of the details of the program, to be led by Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy. The ten councils each have dozens of members, and are charged with gathering input from the public and business leaders, and creating a plan by November 14. Those plans will be pitted against each other for a pot of $1 billion in grants, incentives, and tax relief from various state agencies. The winners will get more funding, the losers will get less.But other details - like whether funding will be available past the initial term, and who will serve on the board that decides who wins and who loses - have not been released.The Innovation Trail is looking for your feedback about what your regional economic priorities are, and what you want your community to look like once the councils have completed their task.

What do you want for your community?

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The Innovation Trail wants to know what you want your community to look like - take the survey here.

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This summer, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced ten "regional councils"  tasked with developing plans for economic development in each of their communities.  Each council has until November to write a plan to compete for a billion dollars in state funding.

What do you want to be part of your region's plan?  What's important to you about your community?  What would you change about your community?  Share your insights with us.

If you have more to say about this subject than can fit in a single survey, make sure to include your name, email address, and phone number when you respond - we might follow up with you later to hear more from you.

Why are we asking these questions?

We're truly curious about what your priorities are for where you live - and the only way to find out is to ask!  When we're done collecting the responses, we'll gather them up and share them with leaders on the regional councils, to make sure your voice is heard.

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