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Much ado about malarkey, and a bunch of stuff

Welcome to the Innovation Trail's Friday Trail Mix. 

Not much fodder in the VP debate.

Some attempt to interrogate the GOP characterization of the "90 billion dollars in green pork", a reference to the underperforming green jobs stimulus package.

And Congressman Ryan did refer to U.S. energy independence by the end of the decade. Good Morning.


GOP candidate Wendy Long urges action on fracking,reports Karen DeWitt citing the USGS survey reported on by Matt Richmond earlier this week as more evidence of the potential for fracking to create jobs in the state.


A new pilot agreement is intended to speed up cross border truck inspections on the Peace Bridge in Buffalo reports the Buffalo News.


Don't forget to pay your energy bill. A guy pulled a Winchester 30-30 on two National Grid employees who went to turn off the power at his Ontario County home reports the D&C

The lens.blogs.nytimes.com has put together a major photographic project around the issue hydraulic fracturing.

The EPA has released additional followup analysis of its monitoring of the groundwater at the sites in Pavillion, Wyoming reports Bloomberg.

A post-doctoral research fellow working at Cornell University's State Water Resources Institute, Brian Rahm, says that the additional analysis is consistent with earlier findings, but that a larger sample would be required to eliminate inconsistencies in the results.

“That being said, the overall lessons learned from the original report remain relevant: regional practices, policies and environmental conditions matter; and best practices with respect to casing, cementing and wastewater handling are essential.”


A Conference in Rochester NY yesterday heard a range of speakers discussing innovative approaches to healthcare delivery, including a how mobile phone technology has led to "explosive growth" in health-related applications, (Tom Tobin at the D&C).

Odds and Ends

Sunday is looking like the next day when Felix Baumgartner is likely to attempt his 120,000 feet freefall and here's some background on the technology behind the venture from The Technology Review.