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Upstate private nonprofit colleges pump $22 billion into NY economy

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Welcome to the post-debate edition of the Innovation Trail Mix.


A study commissioned by the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities in New York has put a dollar value on nonprofit private colleges' contribution to the state's economy. The report by the Center for Governmental Research found that upstate institutions contribute $22 billion to the state's economy annually, roughly one-third of the total for the whole state.

Credit PBS Live Stream
PBS Live Stream


Energy independence was a pretty dominant theme in the first few minutes of the Town Hall debate. Romney brought up energy independence in the 6th and 7th minutes. Obama talked about the 100 years of natural gas 'under our feet'. 

Manufacturing and innovation got (almost) the last word. For the autopsy visit the brains trust that is factcheck.org.

And who can blame them? The Onondaga Town Board has decided that written submissions are preferable to another rowdy public hearing, as it considers whether to extend its current moratorium on fracking which expires next month, reports Catie O'Toole at The Post-Standard.

Following last week's decision by the Department of Commerce to impose new tariffs on Chinese producers of PV cells, California-based Solyndra (who filed for Chapter 11 in 2011) has decided to sue three Chinese manufacturers engaged in “attempted monopolization, conspiracy, predatory pricing” according to greentechmedia.com. You'll recall that Solyndra has been the whipping boy for the GOP during this campaign who used the failure of the company, which received a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal Department of Energy.


Young people are more likely to support political candidates they search for on the internet, that's if you can get them to vote at all, a new study has found. The Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney explains.

Credit NY State Office of the State Comptroller
NY State Office of the State Comptroller
Steve Hancox, Deputy Comptroller, Local Government and School Accountability from the video press release

The New York State Office of the State Comptrollerhas released a video to outline how its 'fiscal early warning system ' for municipalities and schools is supposed to operate. We have provided a link to the video above.


The County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (COMIDA, sounds like a character from ;Gladiator'), has approved a number of tax breaks to several Rochester-based businesses in including property developers of the city's 13-story Temple Building and Wegman's Food Market Inc. to expand its Culinary Innovation Center reports the RBJ.


Credit Kate O'Connell/WXXI

The optics and photonics industry is having a serious shindig in Rochester this week, It's an industry that actually employs more people that the auto industry, but they haven't got the mention that the auto industry has during the debates.  Kate O'Connell reports.